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We are a small Sydney-based business, specialising in

Books, Collectables, Magazines, DVDs, Memorabilia etc.

We are a small Sydney-based business, specialising in books and collectables such as magazines, DVDs, memorabilia and so on.

Check the homepage for info on various events we can be found at some weekends.

Thank you for visiting us today!
Regards, Sue and Chris.

Many thanks to the people above who have allowed us to show their images here – Ken Phelps, Len Withnall and Blue Bailey; Trevor Thomas on 3 wheels; Sam, Ned and Jack Holmes with Victor; Eric Debenham; Doug Wade; Terry Prince and Ken Fyvie.


About Chris
(our “Marketing Man”)

By 12 Chris was boring his mother to death about motorcycles and cars.

His father who was an Aircraft Engineer and former motorcyclist was more tolerant.  Over 40 years in bike and car clubs he has built up a considerable motoring knowledge and many contacts in the industry.  Chris is also a member of the Institute of Automotive and Mechanical Engineers!


About Sue
(written by Chris)

Sue’s father worked at BMC & Leyland Australia for many years. She helped to road-test the cars.  Over the last 20+ years she has put up with my lost causes and mechanical follies, from Vincent to Customline.